additional markings for Earth Teach Me (Nov 14 2017)

additional markings for Earth Teach Me (Nov 14 2017)

Good evening, all-

Pardon the last-minute adjustments to one of the two (!) anthems for this coming Sunday, Earth Teach Me. Please write these in before Thursday:

– Reminders: connect forward with the ending consonants (“Earthteachme” and no “r” on “earth”); Release within the note-value (i.e. observe all rests); overpronounce within the legato, sustained phrase.
highlight or circle the dynamics (or write cresc and dim. signs- which are better)- as in m. 11, 12, 13, 14 and throughout.
– add/change markings: m. 17- T/B, mp; m. 22- T/B mf; mm. 28-29, add a crescendo mark; m. 37- dim to p in m. 38; m. 40- mp; m. 47- dim. sign; m. 48 ends mp, and whole bar has a rit. over it; m. 49- write “slower”, and change mf to mp; m. 52- add a dim. sign, and “poco rit.”; m. 53- change to p, and change the half-note to a whole note.

Come Thou Fount reminders: 4-measure sustained phrases throughout (very slight lift in middle of phrase); check your releases (at the end of their value)– be sure they are written in; observe all rests; circle or highlight dynamics; word-accents are critical; overpronounce, but sustain the legato. Sopranos- please use the ossia passages, unless you are very confident with your high C’s.

Going to be a very musical Sunday (even more than usual)!

See y’all  Thursday! Lots of work on these, and on the Music Service repertoire.