We’re Migrating!!

We’re Migrating!!

Hello choir family,

Hopefully you’re having a wonderful, restful summer, despite the pang of being away from choir.

I just wanted to let all of you know that change is coming.  I hope you’ll regard it as a change for the better.

The choir website has been in operation since April of 2010.  We’ve been supplying audio for the choir to use to learn parts several years longer than that.  But as of July, 2017, both functions are being combined onto a single website that UUCC is  calling “The Annex.”

The web address (URL) for this resource is https://annex.uucolumbia.net/choir-resources/.   (Note — the Annex will also hold resources for UUCC’s annual Auction, but for the most part you won’t see Auction materials when you use the Choir Resources webspace.)  Many of the functions of this site will operate much like those we’ve had before, but the appearance and navigation for the site will look a lot like UUCC’s new congregational website.  You’ll be asked to log in with the usual password when you enter the Choir Resources webspace, but (big improvement) you’ll only need to enter it once each time you use the site.

Here’s what the Choir Resources site will hold (these features were formerly spread across two other websites):

  • The practice audio.  It will work a lot like the current system, but should be easier to navigate (and of course there is the reduction in the number of times you have to enter the password).  We think it will play music on tablets and smartphones (yay!!).  The only downside I see is that downloading audio is slightly less simple.  Before our first Fall rehearsal, I’ll distribute an updated instruction sheet.
  • The markings.  This function will be very much like the existing system.
  • The YouTube samples — again quite similar to the existing system.
  • An archive of Tom’s emails.  I try to put up his emails in an archive because I find that I often need to refer back to his instructions, and it helps to have all of them in one place.
  • Choir News — fun facts, special announcements, announcements about other music events, etc.  These will be structurally similar to the News on the old website, but will look much different.  You will be able to “subscribe” to this feature, meaning that when a news item is posted, you’ll receive an email notice.  (I’m just in the process now of setting up this feature.)
  • Upcoming hymns.  Tom and I, with the wonderful generosity of Bruce Berlage (thank you!), have been making an effort to post the hymns for the upcoming worship service online. This function will continue, and become a bit simpler to engage.   As with the Choir News, you’ll be able to receive this information via emails, which will come out once a week or so.  Or not — one nice thing about “subscriptions” is that you don’t have to opt to get these emails, and you can turn the subscription off any time.
  • The Music Ministry calendar.  We’ve had a Google Calendar for several years to hold our schedule of rehearsals, Choir Sundays, and special events; and we will continue to have it, embedded into a page within the Choir resources site.

Feel free to browse the new site, and let me know if there’s something that seems broken, missing, or could be improved.

Love and hugs,
Laurie Coltri – aka The CD Babe