Christmas Eve – message for Chalice Singers (Dec 15 2017)

Christmas Eve – message for Chalice Singers (Dec 15 2017)

Good morning, Dear ChaliceSIngers-

Your sound was, overall, really good last night- two very different kinds of singing!
– Please be sure you have the text of Riu, riu, chiu memorized– that’s really necessary! Almost all of us do- thanks!- but just one or two folks faking the words great affects the ensemble sound and the articulation. Use the text recording (great work, Chris!) and/or the transliterations, on the ChoirSite, as needed.
Prepare those entrances in the Victoria! I need to see breathing in tempo throughout, and great watching.
You’ll be coming out of the “choir loft” during my “Words of Thanks”, which will give you an ample 3 minutes to make the move and get set, and then moving back into the loft right after you sing.

Christmas Eve: 
The only folks who have officially signed out for Christmas Eve are Chris, Terry and Karl. Anyone else not able to be there? Please let me know now, for planning- thanks!

So looking forward to Sunday- it will be lovely and moving, thanks to you all.

Stay warm and (if possible) inside this afternoon.