Congrats! (Oct 8 2017)

Congrats! (Oct 8 2017)

Dear Hard-Working ChoirOnes-

Wow! This is, as you might have noticed, an amazingly busy and challenging fall- and great fun and very satisfying in many ways.
First, your singing at the Choir Showcase, even with reduced numbers, was really wonderful; very impressive in all the usual ways: very tight ensemble throughout, excellent watching and listening, very focused, and a beautiful choral sound in three very different singing styles. I heard many, many admiring comments from both the choristers and the civilians afterwards, including from a couple of choral conductors. And everyone found We Are One inspiring.
And wasn’t it exciting to hear and see those fine gospel choirs in action! Great, focused energy, lots of physicality, and all off-book (pretty easy when the music is highly repetitive- and we are beginning to be able to do this on our simpler repertoire). We can do our own version of this style- and in fact our work in the gospel style is getting better and better, as We Are One showed. But we can still move more, and sing more mixed (beautiful sound!), a cappella, and off-book!
This morning also came off very well- especially considering (thanks for mentioning it, Paige!) all your hard work Saturday evening, and our small numbers. Lovely singing in Steal Away– thanks for such good eye-contact!- and folks seemed to enjoy your light, athletic energy in the little introit.

It’s a joy to make Music, and Worship, with you.


(a separate note about preparations going forward will be coming to you soon)