Congratulations!!! (Oct 30 2017)

Congratulations!!! (Oct 30 2017)

Dear Overworked and Superb Choristers-

Well, you’ve done it yet again! What a joy and privilege it was to be with you Sunday as we celebrated a great milestone in the life of UUCC, and of Anthony. A marvelous service, of which you were a central part- brilliant singing and great energy (and lots of moving- wow!). I am so proud of you for your hard work and dedication, and ever-growing musicianship. The visiting clergy were blown away- and I (I hope gracefully) rejected several offers for us to switch churches.
And aren’t Anthony’s musician friends (and clergy buddies) magnificent?
And let me mention the morning services, to which your sensitive singing contributed so very much- beautiful choral sound (you always sing mixed so well). Many admiring comments from folks- on both events.
Special thanks to all our soloists, drummers and all- Carla, Jeremy, John, Laurie, Ross, Tom; and as always, Michael- sine qua non. And to the Chalice Singers for lovely singing (and learning) of a challenging and remarkable piece.

I’m so grateful, pleased, proud and impressed-


(And now that our three major extra singing events are over, we can focus on learning our Music Service music- another note on that follows).