Details for the Choir Showcase this Saturday (Oct 5 2017)

Details for the Choir Showcase this Saturday (Oct 5 2017)

Good Morning, All-

Very good rehearsal, as usual, last night, if just a little scary. You sure are fun to work with, and your listening and watching are improving all the time! Huge thanks for all the preparation work you do on your own- that’s a necessary part of the process.

arrive by 5:45, or earlier; concert dress (white/dark); pick up stole; please be early– there’s a lot to work on!
sit in the back 2-3 rows on the congregation, on the  organ side of the hall;
sit mixed: taller folk in the back row;
– we’ll practice moving, starting at 6 sharp;
– we are the last choir in the order of performance; we’ll walk up to the “choir loft,” walking to the right of the organ, with the back row starting off;
we stand in the “loft,” in the usual 4 curved rows, mixed for the first number (The Road Home), then unmix for the Bach and We Are One;
– there will be a couple of chairs for folks who need them;
– I don’t think you’ll need to return to seats after singing- that will be the end of the program, as far as I know.

I gather that pre-sales of tickets are lagging. Please invite friends, families, co-workers, sister, cousins and aunts; folks can contribute to PATH at the door, whatever they feel comfortable with; the suggested $40 is merely advisory. Thanks so much for your support of this important organization, which does such great work in our community!

Please review whatever pieces you need to; love to be largely off book on The  Road Home and We Are One. And please practice on the Bach. Be sure all of those slurs are whited out– you are all trumpets, and every note is articulated! Work on supporting and feeling the pulse– absolutely steady throughout! It’s going to be splendid, as long as we stay concentrated, focused, and feel the pulse. As always, its the first note of those groups of 4 sixteenths that gets the slight accent.

See y’all Saturday- I’ll be there by 5, or earlier, moving drums and such. If you’d like to, come a little early to help out.

So looking forward! Heartfelt Thanks for all you bring to our mutual enterprise-