Final (?) cut for Music Service and Christmas Eve (Nov 17 2017)

Final (?) cut for Music Service and Christmas Eve (Nov 17 2017)

Good Evening, Long-Suffering ChoirPersons-

As we mentioned on the Music Service Repertoire sheet, “there will no doubt be excisions later on”, and (based on the last 2-3 rehearsals) it’s now time to make those. This is our standard process with multi-number thematic services. Given the large number of pieces we needed to learn this fall (not a complaint- it’s been a fabulous fall, with three great extra singing events- in which you sang brilliantly), our Music Service rehearsal time has been a lot shorter than ever before. So, this is what the current repertoire looks like; it may change a little, based on the next 2 rehearsals. Program order will be decided later, as usual.

Chalice Choir:

Biebl- Ave Maria
De Cormier- Dormi, dormi
Eddleman- A la nanita nana
Gass- Lady of the Shining Stars
Memley- There is no Rose
Moore- The Virgin Mary had a Baby Boy
Parker- Durme, durme (and/or Christmas Eve)
Worth- O Mary, Don’t you Weep (and/or Christmas Eve)

Chalice Singers:

Riu, riu, chiu
Hildegard von Bingen- a chant (Jeremy Rae solo)
Victoria- O Magnum Mysterium

By the way, the rest of the Music Service will consist of seasonal keyboard music (Michael), several hymns, a Homily by Paige on Mary (as goddess, earth-mother, virgin-deity, mother), and a very brief talk by me.

One service, 10 AM, December 17, concert dress. The usual potluck lunch/party follows at 11:30, at our house (maps later). Friends, partners, spice, families cordially invited. Bring food or drink to share.

See y’all Sunday- going to be a wonderful pair of services, filled with good music, presided over brilliantly by Anthony and Paige.

With sincere thanks for a LOT of hard work and fine musicianship, and best wishes for Jolly Holidays-

Tom and Carol