Last night and Sunday afternoon (Sep 15 2017)

Last night and Sunday afternoon (Sep 15 2017)

Good morning, superb choristers-

Very good rehearsal last night- got lots done, and you’re sounding very good indeed, especially for the beginning of the ChoirYear.
Reminder- in the  big, open venue of the Chrysalis, it’ll be necessary, probably, to over-pronounce everything- we’ll see how that goes during rehearsal on Sunday at 12:45. And “look like the music” will be really helpful too- actors talk about how you “read” (i.e., how you are perceived by the audience) in a big hall- I’ll wander around during rehearsal and see how you “read” as a group.
Leave plenty of time to find the venue and to park- you all should have plenty of info on parking by now. Dress: white over dark.
Anyone who was not at rehearsal last night planning to come? Please let me know now- thanks!

So looking forward- should be a fun, high-energy event, and an important one in the history of Columbia and its Interfaith tradition.

In Musical Community-