Logistics going forward (Oct 20 2017)

Logistics going forward (Oct 20 2017)

Good Morning After, Dear ChoirProles-

Very good rehearsal last night- got a lot done, and had a few laughs too. Going Forward:

Please come Sunday if you can, to help sing, hear some great Fats Waller tunes, and hear Paige and Laurie- some timely and helpful words on White Privilege and Responsibility. The Chalice Rebels will again sing All Good People, which they sang last Sunday at the Banner Dedication event.

Please get your Oct. 29 music in performances order, if it isn’t yet:
Wata kom a mi Eye (morning services)
Ordination Music:
Let the River Run
I Want to Die Easy
A Quiet Place (Chalice Singers)
(and we’ll sing Let the River Run again at the end)
Please have the hymn-texts sheet available: We’ll sing Gather the Spirit, Sanctuary (off book) and Spirit of Life (off book) from it

Oct. 29 Drill:
AM: Gather at 8 to bestole yourselves and rehearse; sing both services; Chalice Singers rehearse at 10:20.
PM: Concert garb (white over dark); gather to get stoled at 2:45 (quietly, please- there may be rehearsing going on), rehearse at 3 sharp; service at 4.

– Separate note to follow, concerning the Music Service repertoire and preparations.

No rest for the busy! (that’s good)-