Message #2 Sept 12 2017 – Last Sunday and Sunday’s 50th Anniversary Interfaith Service/Concert

Message #2 Sept 12 2017 – Last Sunday and Sunday’s 50th Anniversary Interfaith Service/Concert

Good Evening, Dear ChoirPersons-

First, congrats  on last Sunday- a very impressive start for the ChoirYear. Nicely focused energy, good diction, very good watching, and you Looked Like the Music– thanks!
This Thursday we’ll be focusing on the music for this Sunday’s Columbia 50th Anniversary Interfaith Service/Concert (details reviewed below): Welcome, Welcome; Sanctuary (led by Carla), We Are One (solos by Carla), and Draw the Circle Wide. Please focus on those in your learning/review process– and please be sure you have the markings transferred from the Choir Site to your music.
We’ll also be working, in sectionals and together, on The Road Home, Steal Away and (time permitting) When Music Sounds– so please, as your time allows, learn your notes on those. Lots to learn!
    The 50th Anniversary Concert is a really big deal– and a great opportunity to celebrate Columbia’s founding Interfaith ideal, and also show the larger community what an exciting faith community UUCC is, and what an impressive Music Ministry we have! I truly hope that, even if you need to change some plans to be able to come sing, you will- I really want more ChoirFolk there than the 30+ (out of about 55) who raised hands last Thursday. I expect we’ll have more singers returning this Thursday- expect to see Duncan, Chris Buppert, Hilary and Bruce, and I hope several more, back from vacations.

    Here, again, are the details for this Sunday’s Gala event:
Be at the Chrysalis (you all should be clear by now on location and parking- let me know if not), by 12:30 sharp.
We rehearse at 12:45 sharp, until 1:15– very important to start on time, as other groups will be sharing the stage.
The event runs from 2 to 3:30.
Dress: White tops, dark pants/skirts; no stoles
Don’t forget your binder!

Any questions? See y’all Thursday- so looking forward to this event!