Message from Tom, Aug 16 2017, re Carol Zika move

Message from Tom, Aug 16 2017, re Carol Zika move

Good afternoon, Dear ChoirProles,

The Choir has an old tradition of helping its members (and other UUCC folk) with moving- though we haven’t done it much over the last few years, with Dave Haykin’s passing.
It’s a tradition I’ve been trying to restart, and now we have a chance. Carol Zika is moving to a new place in Ellicott City (hurrah!) and will be singing with us again, and getting more active at UUCC. She’d like some help:
August 19, 20: she needs an experienced painter or two;
August 26, 27 (after the baby shower): help with shelf liners, and with unpacking.

If you can help out, please get in touch with Carol right away at, or call 443-379-7705. She can give you the address and details.
Thanks so much! (it’s a community, right?). We’ll be there on the morning of the 26th- wish we had more available time!

I  know it’s a very busy time of year for many of us- thanks for doing whatever you can!