Message from Tom, Sep 11 2017 re. parking on Sep 17

Message from Tom, Sep 11 2017 re. parking on Sep 17


In case you still had any questions about where to park this Sunday afternoon, Ben’s note, the map and Paige’s note should help. Note which ones are reserved for special needs folks and those will heavy equipment.
See you Thursday- and Sunday. Reminder note will follow soon.

Exciting times!


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Subject: Re: Columbia’s 50th Birthday Interfaith Service
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 17:21:35 -0400
From: Paige Getty <>
To: Tom Benjamin <>

Re: Columbia’s 50th Birthday Interfaith ServiceThis is not incorrect, although there are 50+ spaces in the lot closest to the Chrysalis (i.e., where you and I parked for the walk-through) in addition to the few official handicapped spots that Ben identified. All of those 50+ are available for anyone with special needs – either mobility needs or because they will have equipment and supplies to unload (e.g., bass and drums).

Lots 1 and 3 (which are marked on the map in Ben’s message) are available to everyone else. They will have parking attendants, and they are about equal walking distance (5-ish minutes) from the Chrysalis.


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  Paige, is this your understanding of the parking situation at the Chrysalis?



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Subject:  Columbia’s 50th Birthday Interfaith Service
Date:  Mon, 11 Sep 2017 15:33:24 -0400
From:  Ben Burt <> <>
To:  Tom Benjamin <> <>

I walked over to Symphony Woods at Columbia Town Center to reconnoiter parking. Although I stayed on the east side of the creek where there wasn’t parking, I heartily recommend that choir performers study the parking map at There are 5-7 handicap spaces in an administrative staff and deliveries area near the Chrysalis Performing Arts Center accessed up a road near Toby’s Dinner Theater, but I don’t guess that that is available to us. Try Lot 1 off of Little Patuxent Pkwy east-bound. The Chrysalis is closest to Toby’s on a hill and parking is a 1 – 5 minute walk. For able walkers, Lots 4 and 6 are the closest and they are parking garages on the Mall-side of Little Patuxent Pkwy.

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