Notes from Tom (3), Sept 8 2017

Notes from Tom (3), Sept 8 2017

Note #1 –

Good Morning, dear ChoirOnes-

Great start for the ChoirYear! Lots of new and returning folks, and a big, healthy-sounding choral sound. A hearty Welcome Aboard to: Lisa Arge, Dianne Dunlap, Ann Hodgdon and Becky Pfau. And Welcome Back to all!
New folks: the full choir schedule, including special events, is at the front of your binder- please encalendar all dates now!
Concern: We’ll be sure to keep you posted on how Jody Southall’s hubby Tom is progressing in his recovery- thanks for your expressions of support.

Music Learning.
We are learning some music unusually quickly before Sunday! Please, everyone, take advantage of the amazing choir resources provided by Laurie Coltri via the UUCC website. You all should have gotten instructions for accessing that. If not, please write me or Laurie right away.
– Please transfer the performance markings from the marked pdf’s of upcoming music to your own copies, in pencil, before Sunday; at least the markings for: Welcome, Welcome; Let Me Fly; We Are One and Draw the Circle Wide.
Sound-files for parts-learning are available for those same pieces, on the site- easy and fun way to learn. CD’s can be made for you- just ask.
You Tube performances of those pieces are available there to sing along with, once you have the notes learned.
Hard work- but what great payoffs- enjoy the process!

Sunday Logistics:
Repertoire, as always, is on the schedule in your binders.
Dress: autumnal solid color tops; dark pants/skirt.
Arrive before 8, pick up a stole (on the chancel). Rehearsal starts at 8 sharp.
Chalice Singers rehearsal between service, ca. 10:25. Bring your binder!
We sing both services– bless you for your musical contributions to our beloved UUCC!

Columbia 50th Anniversary Interfaith Service:
Important: is there anyone who can’t come? Please let me know now.
Is there anyone who couldn’t be there last night who can come? Please let me know now.
Dress: white tops, dark skirt/pants.
Arrive at the Chrysalis in Merriweather Park at 12:30; be in seats on risers by 12:45 at the latest!, ready to rehearse.
Service is 2 – 3:30. Invite everyone you know!
Repertoire: Welcome, Welcome; Sanctuary (all sing, led by Carla; words are in program); The People Tree (everyone will sing the refrain to a new song by Linda Baer; Linda will be sending this song to me before next Thursday, she says); We Are One; Draw the Circle Wide.

Really busy and exciting year of great music – we are so grateful for your commitment to UUCC and its Music!

Tom (and Michael and Jeremy)

Note #2

Hi again, long-suffering ChoirPersons-

The Email blizzard will moderate some over the next weeks- not to worry!

I.  I realized I wanted to give you the words to “Sanctuary,” as led by Carla on 9/17. Please memorize:
Love, prepare me to be a sanctuary
Pure and holy, tried and true
With thanksgiving. I’ll be a living
Sanctuary for you.

II. A couple of folks asked about directions to the Chrysalis amphitheater for the 9/17 special Interfaith service:
It’s near the Merriweather Post Pavillion, Symphony Woods, near the Columbia mall and the main Library. You can Google it. Or just take the South Entrance Road off 29 south (or off 175, next to the Library), drive to the right of Toby’s Dinner Theater and up the hill on the right. There will be signs to parking, they tell me. Anyone with special parking needs should bring a handicap sign, and drive up the hill, past the white house on the right, to the VIP parking area.
Please leave lots of spare time for finding the amphitheater and for parking! Arrive by 12:30; rehearse at 12:45 sharp.
Thanks so much- it’s going to be a lovely service, cast of hundreds, and a signal event in the history of Columbia and its Interfaith ideals.

See y’all at UUCC this Sunday- far too early!

In Community-


Note #3

Hello, All-

Here are some better directions for Chrysalis parking than I sent out. Thanks, Paige.

NOTE FROM LAURIE – Here are the directions, which are from Paige’s recent In-Between-Sundays post:

Parking will be available in Merriweather Lot 1 (enter from Broken Land Pkwy or Little Patuxent Pkwy) and Lot 3 (enter from South Entrance Rd near Toby’s), and there will be attendants and ushers to direct you from there.  (NOTE FROM LAURIE: No parking reservation is needed for this event — just show up at one of these lots.)

See y’all Sunday!


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Subject: parking directions for the Chrysalis for 9/17
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2017 14:51:32 -0400
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Tom, I gave details about Chrysalis parking in my In Between Sundays piece that went out yesterday:

Worshiping Together

Those might be more helpful than what you sent to the choir.