Notes (2) from Tom, Sept 1 2017

Notes (2) from Tom, Sept 1 2017

NOTE 1 —

Good Afternoon, ChoirPersons-

The time approacheth- your binder awaits you, filled with some neat music, old and new. Lots and lots of singin’ this fall!
BTW, all the music for the “semester” is there, including all the music for the Music Service. This makes for a pretty heavy binder, so we are including a binder clip, and suggest that you take the Music Service repertoire out of your binder when you get home next Thursday evening, and clip it securely together, leaving it where you’ll be sure to find it in October, when we start work on it. Not a requirement, but we think your shoulders will thank you.
And do come Sunday if you can– Paige will be talking about labor, classism and immigration. And we’d love to have you help lead the singing: De Colores and Step by Step.
See y’all on 9/7, any time after 6:30. Rehearsal starts at 7.

Very eager to get started on an very active and fun ChoirYear.



Hello, All-

I’d like to slightly revise a few of the ChoirBinder numbers and names, adjusting the list that Carol sent out on 8/28, and adding a few new folks (Welcome, y’all!).
– Please check your binder number, and be sure to pick up this binder on Thursday;
– If you won’t be singing in Choir this fall (a ChoirSabbatical) please let me know that right away- thanks! (and we’ll miss you!).
– If we inadvertently left you off the list, let me know right away- important- thanks!
– Come early Thursday, if you can, for schmoozing and hugs.

In Community-



3.  Linda Uphoff
4.  Hilary Dean
5.  Sherry Peruzzi
6.  Jean Joklik
7.  Rosie Lijinsky
8.  Wendy Alberg
10.  Colette Gelwicks
11.  Karen Hamming
12.  Jen Pullen
13.  Laura Cox
14.  Mary Ratcliff
15.  Deborah Toppenberg
16. Becky Pfau
17.  Sally Ann Cooper
18.  Jane Joffee
19.  Lisa Arge
20.  Karen Johnson
21.  Genevieve Speier
22. Robin Slaw
23.  Sue McCarty
24.  Carol Benjamin
25.  Laurie Coltri
26.  Pat Marando
27.  Carla Gates
28.  Carol Zika
29.  Joanna Boales
30.  Terry Paul
31.  Sue Sweeney
32.  Karla Pearce
33.  Beth Jorgensen
34.  Inge Hyder
35.  Marc Volkman
36.  Jody Southhall
37.  Bernie Rock
38.  Weron Ramsey
39.  Flo Wagner
40. Joyce Warner-Burke
41.  Marshall Hackett
42.  Mark Calvin
44.  Diana Moore
45.  John Shea
46.  Jeremy Rea
47.  Chris Gallant
49.  Karl Branting
50.  Kay Baker
51.  Lin Wang
52.  Vern Rodes
53.  Tom Monroe
54.  Dave Hegman
55.  Bob Jackson
56.  Les Gesell
57.  Harry Woelfer
58.  Ben Burt
59.  Ross Martin
60. Bruce Berlage
61.  Lucas Serafin
62.  Alan Coltri
63.  Rich Deutschman
64.  Duncan McDonald
65.  Andrew Brown

Looking forward to another wonderful year of singing.

Carol and Tom