Note from Tom, Aug 15 2017

Note from Tom, Aug 15 2017

Hello, All-

Here comes the usual Fall email blitz- duck!
In addition to the other special events in our musical year, we’ve been asked to be a part of what’s being called a “Battle of the Choirs”, 7 PM (or so I gather) on October 7, at OBIC. Sounds like great fun, and I told Maureen we’d be happy to be involved, as long as ‘most everyone would be able to be there. Sounds (I haven’t actually seen any info) like an interfaith event, and perhaps one that would raise funds for some worthy cause (and give us a chance to hear some other fine choirs, and show off a little). Repertoire will be drawn from anthems we know already, and can work up quickly.
Busy Fall:
Services (both) on Sept. 10, 24; Oct. 8 and 29 (and those later in the fall- you have all the Fall dates)
Sept. 17: Columbia 50th anniversary Interfaith service, 2 PM in the Crysalis in the Park; details forthcoming asap;
Oct. 7, 7 PM, UUCC, Battle of the Choirs, UUCC
Oct. 29, 4 PM, UUCC, Anthony’s Ordination.
Looks of high-energy fun repertoire, I’m sure- TBA, ASAP! To say nothing of a busy UUCC concert season. Please be sure to get these dates/times into your calendars now!
If any of these dates is a problem for you, please let me know right away- thanks!

In Community, and with Thanks-


Do come this Sunday to help with the singing– and to hear some really good jazz (Anthony, Tom, drums)