Notes (3) from Tom, Sept 4 2017

Notes (3) from Tom, Sept 4 2017


Good Morning, Hard-Working Choristers-

Hope you’re enjoying a gorgeous Maryland Fall, and non-laboring Labor Day.
This note is for everyone by way of reminder, though ‘specially for our ChoirNewbies.

I. This Thursday, 9/7:
– Come anytime from 6:30 on; new folks, please come as early as you can, so that we can meet you, and Tom can briefly and informally hear you sing, just to place you in your section.
– Everyone: pick up your own numbered binder, per my last binder note, and be sure a BinderMinder signs the binder out to you.
– If you don’t have a binder assigned to you, please get a BinderMinder to sign one out to you.
– Newbies, and anyone with new contact info, please fill in your info in the Sign-Up book.
– Chalice Singers: please sign out a numbered blue binder with your music.

II. Sunday, 9/10:
– Rehearsal begins at 8 sharp, in seats, ready to sing. Pick up a stole first; long stoles for taller folks- return it right after the second service.
– Sing both services.
– Dress: autumnal solid-color top; dark pants or skirt.
– There might be a Chalice Singers rehearsal between service- TBA.

Separate note concerning Music-Learning Resources.

So eager to get started Sunday!
Questions? Email me.

In Musical Community-


NOTE #2, Music Learning Resources

Hello again, long-suffering Choristers-

This note is just to reinforce the marvelously detailed and precise note on Choir Resources from Laurie Coltri that you should have gotten last night or this morning. If you didn’t get it, please let me know immediately- thanks!

Music-Learning in the Chalice Choir and Chalice Singers.
We provide more music-learning help than any other Choir/Chorus in the known universe, or so I believe, thanks to Laurie and her helpers (Laura Lee, Marc and Chris especially). New ChoirFolk, please get to know how it works immediately- per Laurie’s note- for many folks it should be a huge help in the learning process, making it more fun, quicker and easier. We don’t have a lot of time for note-learning in rehearsals- mostly we polish and work hard on the purely choral/musical/expressive aspects of the repertoire.
We have a lot of music to learn or review very quickly in the next few weeks (there are three extra events to sing at in September/October!), so please avail yourselves of all the learning tools. Per Laurie’s note, these include:

Practice audio (sound files of individual voice-parts and all parts together) online and on CD’s (by request).
– Sample You Tube performances of most of the current repertoire.
Performance markings from me for all  pieces; after you get your ChoirBinder, please transfer these onto your music right away- thanks! This saves us countless hours in rehearsal!

All these resources are now up on the Choir website (access instructions per Laurie). If you have any problems accessing it, please email Laurie. If your time permits before this coming Thursday, please take a look at (via the Markings) and listen to any upcoming pieces you don’t know well: Welcome, Welcome (Hardin); Let Me Fly (DeCormier); We Are One; Draw the Circle Wide; The  Road Home. We’ll be working on all these this Thursday.

Hard work- but good fun, and big payoffs!

Onward and Upward- and with Renewed Thanks for your commitment-


NOTE #3, Choir Schedule- please write all Choir dates in your calendars – thanks!

Hi, Dear ChoirOnes-

Pardon the typical Email Flurry- always happens in the week or two right before we start every fall.
Since there have been a couple of date changes and confirmations since my email of 6/22, and since some new folks have joined Choir since then, here’s an updated version (which should be the final one):
– You’ll have your final fall choir schedule in your binders, plus Laurie is sending you a copy now.
– The dates as of my email of 6/29 are holding steady for the whole choir year (so far). Please get them encalendared now!
Special events (outside of regular Sunday services):
1. 9/17, 2-3:30 PM, Columbia 50th anniversary interfaith service, Chrysalis (in Merriweather Park, adjacent to the Mall). Info on parking, rehearsal time and more will be forthcoming.
2. 10/7, 7-9 PM, UUCC, Choir Showcase (no longer a “Battle”, I’m glad to say), PATH fundraiser. Rehearsal at 6- confirmed later; details TBA.
3. 10/29, 4 PM, UUCC, Anthony Jenkins’ Ordination service. Probable rehearsal earlier that afternoon- be available from 2 PM on. Details TBA.
– Change of rehearsal night confirmed: we will not rehearse on Oct. 5, but on Oct. 4 (Wednesday evening), 7-9  in the sanctuary.

All Choir Sunday dates and Music Service dates are confirmed, as of my email of 6/29, and the schedule Laurie has sent (and at the front of your binders).

Reminder: When you get home after Choir this Thursday, please consider taking the Music Service music out of the binder– we will supply a binder clip to hold it together. This will save holding a lot of extra weight while singing. I’ll let you know later when to put it back in. Please put the music in a safe place you’ll remember!


See y’all Thursday-