Preparations Going Forward (Oct 8 2017)

Preparations Going Forward (Oct 8 2017)

Hello Again, Long-Suffering Choristers-

Our intense work is by no means over for the fall- we have several more anthems to prepare, including the music for Anthony’s Ordination,Oct. 29, 4 PM.
– Please consult your Choir Schedule, to be sure you have all those dates encalendared. Then, for this Thursday:
Review and solidify: Wata kom a mi Eye, I Want to Die Easy, and the final two pages of Let the River Run (off book, please). Chalice Singers: please get very solid on A Quiet Place asap, and review Let the River Run (off-book?).
Learn: Come, Thou Fount; Earth Teach Me; Come in Peace. All are on the fabulous Choir Website– parts sound-files and You Tube performances. As always, if you want a parts CD made, please let me, Laurie or Chris Gallant know right away. We’ll be working on all this music this week and the following. I’ll get markings for all this music up on the website asap- and will let you know when it’s there.
– In the next week or so, we’ll get the Music Service music back into our binders (if you took it out earlier)- I’ll give you plenty of notice on that; lots of great music to review and learn.

Choir Numbers: I sure hope we’ll be back up to strength over the next week or two. Many folks have been out of town this fall, professionally and otherwise, and lots of us have had colds and other health challenges. Please continue to sign out for all dates you must miss, or email me as needed. And please, if you would like any kind of attention or help, let me know- we are Family!

With love and admiration for all you bring to UUCC and its Music-