Sunday and Beyond (Dec 15 2017)

Sunday and Beyond (Dec 15 2017)

Good Afternoon, Dear ChoirOnes-

Hope you’re staying warm and dry and safe today- streets around us are slick. Should be nicer the next few days, thank the Weather Goddess.
Oh- and many, many thanks for the sweet note and gift card, which went in part toward my first new pair of good shoes in 15 years (my great old Rockports lasted that long, and for thousands of miles of walking and hiking). R.I.P.
Very useful and largely beautiful rehearsal last night. You are really making a lovely choral sound with those modified, rounded “ah” vowels- and that unison C at the end of “Durme, durme” was gorgeous- the best blended, balanced, rounded and focused sound you’ve yet made. But your sound throughout was very good, and your ensemble and diction also- very impressive choral singing!
And you put up with my usual last-minute rehearsal tantrum very elegantly- well done!
So- you know the places where you need to do some last-minute practicing, and you have all the tools you need.
And do keep in mind the Biggies:
watch as much as you can (heads and eyes up, over the music),
listen intensely and blend with the sound around you,
connect forward through the phrase,
– observe word-accents, and dynamics,
Be the Music, and Enjoy the Experience!

See y’all Sunday, well-rested and well-garbed (white over dark and bestoled); do come around 8:30, as rehearsal needs to start promptly at 8:45.
Anyone else need maps to our house for the after-party?

Blessings and Gratitude-