Sung Ecclesiastical Latin Pronunciation (Nov 17 2017)

Sung Ecclesiastical Latin Pronunciation (Nov 17 2017)

Hi, All-

Here’s your standard sung church Latin guide- very standardized these days- just what we’ve always used. Please download and print for your binder.

ah (“Ave” = “AH-veh”)         (accented syllables are shown)
eh (not “ay”, please- “Ah-leh-LOO-ya”)
ee (careful to round mouth and not let the vowel brighten and spread)
aw (“Dominus tecum” = “DAW-mee-noos TEH-coom”)
oo  (“mulieribus” = “moo-lee-EH-rree-boos”)

Other typical issues:
“r” gets a little flip forward, but not a Spanish roll- “AH-veh Mah-RREE-ah”
“s” generally stays “s” (not “z”) but is always short and not sibilant

Everything else we’ll deal with in context- Latin is gorgeous to sing in, easy and consistent; great vowels.
I will be sending out markings files, transliterations and more, over the next week and more, now that we can finally focus on the Music Service.

So much to think about, when Getting it Right!

Thanks SO much for all the work- isn’t learning fun?