This coming Thursday – Dec. 7- Rehearsal Timing (Dec 3 2017)

This coming Thursday – Dec. 7- Rehearsal Timing (Dec 3 2017)

Dear Choristers, healthy and otherwise-

So sorry not to be at least hearing you today- I’m sure you’re all singing gloriously under Michael, as you always do- and hearing Paige. For sure we’re not up for coming back yet; as much as we love sharing, this is not something you want to catch (and I gather a bunch of ChoirWounded already have it anyway). Interesting year, on many levels!
This note is mainly to let you know (before I forget) about this coming Thursday. Since we are a little short on rehearsal time, and since we have a ChoirParty this Thursday, Michael suggests, and I fully agree, that we structure rehearsal this way:
   7 – 7:30: Chalice Singers
        7:30 – 9:00: Chalice Choir
        9:00: Party.
I’ll send you a note in the next couple of days about rehearsal order and prep- the main point at this stage is to figure out what you need to be working on (both music and text) and to get very comfy with it by Thursday so that we can make music together.

Oh- If you can’t come on Christmas Eve, please let me know now, for planning- thanks!

Thankfully and with virtual hugs-

Tom (Carol too)