This Sunday (Nov 17 2017)

This Sunday (Nov 17 2017)

Hi Again, Dear ChoirOnes-

I’ll send you a note about Music Service music-preparation chores after we sing Sunday (or maybe Monday). Final push starts November 30!
For Sunday, as time permits, please review the SATB version of Be Ours a Religion, as well as Come Thou Fount, and Earth, Teach Me.

Come, Thou Fount:
– You have the first page of the piece in the Markings section of the Choir Site; that’s the model for the entire piece, in terms of lifts, breaths and releases.   
– Throughout, sustained 4-measure phrases, with only a slight lift in m. 2 of each phrase.
– All releases on the last eighth-note of the value; all rests are observed;
Word accents and dynamics are critically important;
NEW, as of Thursday: m. 13- lift after “mount!”; m. 39, lift after “hope”; Please write in.
NEW NOW: I want to add the altos to the sopranos at the beginning, for a richer, fully sonority. Please so mark, and please re-mark “mp”
– N.B. Please get the rhythm right in m. 93! Thanks and Blessings be upon you.
Main Point: This deeply felt hymn, coming from the American Revival movement of the early 19th century, is one of the great statements of faith. As always with the music we sing, we are called on to feel and project the emotions, the sentiments, that underpin this faith, whether or not we subscribe to its doctrines. It’s a feeling I often describe as “awe”; on Thursday Michael used the word “fervor”, which wonderfully describes the intensity of the great Revival hymns, such as this one.

Earth Teach Me: Please be sure you’ve gotten the markings off my last markings email into your music. Thanks!

So looking forward to Sunday- see you at 8, bestoled and in seats-

Blessed Be!