This Sunday (Sep 29 2017)

This Sunday (Sep 29 2017)

Good Morning, Choristers,

and thanks again for a very fun and productive rehearsal. With some more individual work, and rehearsal next Wednesday, we’ll be in fine shape for the Choir Showcase on 10/7. Please firm up Bach and review all your anthems through the Ordination (10/29), by Wednesday’s rehearsal.

Sure hope some of us can sing this Sunday. We’ll have some jazz, and Carla will be songleading (along, I hope, with a bunch of Choristers). Hymns are:
– When Our Heart is in a Holy Place (#1008)
– If Every Woman in the World (#1026). Gospel-waltz style (swung eighths).
– Lean on Me (#1021). Note: after the a cappella section at the end (p. 4), we go back to the top of p. 2, second bar (the chorus), and sing to the 1st ending again.

If you can come in about 20 minutes before either service, I’ll be happy to run the hymns (especially #1026) with you.
BTW, if you’d like to buy Singing the Journey to have a copy at home, it can be ordered from the UUA ( for $18. You could also buy Singing the Living Tradition the same way (the gray hymnal), though it’s really pricey.

You ChoirFolk are amazing!