Today and Beyond (Nov 19 2017)

Today and Beyond (Nov 19 2017)

Dear ChoirHumans-

Wow- wonderful singing this morning, both services. You sang with intensity and conviction, and I heard many admiring comments on your singing, and on the whole service, which many of us found moving, sad, touching, inspiring.
Thanks for being such good ChoirCitizens (as you usually are)- I so appreciate your respectful attention (remember “comportment”?), as do the ministers and congregation, especially so in the second service. My personal thanks.
So: as you know, no rehearsal this week– enjoy the week off! And then a really intense push to firm up and polish the Music Service Music.
– The markings will be up on the Choir Website later this week, in plenty of time for you to get them into you own music- please be sure to get them all in well before Nov. 30’s rehearsal.
– Please nail your notes on all the Music Service pieces (and Come in Peace), before Nov. 30. As always, the great parts-sound-files, You Tube performances and markings will be a fun and efficient way to master this music.
– I’m going to get you transliterations of all the foreign-language texts asap, and I hope to be able to get spoken language recordings up on the website soon.

We’re off early Tuesday; back late Friday, and out of touch. Enjoy Thanksgiving Week, and the Holidays!