Tomorrow – Chalice Singers (Oct 28 2017)

Tomorrow – Chalice Singers (Oct 28 2017)

Good evening, intrepid Singers-

For the morning services tomorrow, we’ll sit mixed in with the Choir, as usual.
We’ll rehearse at 10:25, standing where we’ll be standing for the Ordination service; we need to spend a little time on A Quiet Place, and then I want to work with the sopranos/altos  on the soli sections of Come in Peace (pp. 2-3 and 7-10), to firm up the rhythm.
For the Ordination, of course, we’ll sit as we did on Thursday evening, as a unit in rows 1-3.

Brief comments/reminders on A Quiet Place:
– you have come a long way with this challenging and gorgeous piece- thanks for all the hard work and beautiful singing!
– soprano I’s- please bring out the tune a little more throughout;
– be clear on where you are placing all your releases– they should all be marked, so double-check;
– we need to shape a tiny bit more with slight tempo flexibility and dynamics– it’s a little bit vertical and regular; m. 1 leans forward subtly in m. 2; m. 3 into m. 4;
m. 8 has a tiny rit and lift at the end;
please highlight the dynamics; we need to make a little more of them (without overdoing them, of course); especially critical that we following the dynamics more                 on pages 4 and 5– it needs more urgency and drama.

So looking forward to tomorrow- all three services!