a few markings for tomorrow night (CHALICE SWINGERS – May 2 2018)

a few markings for tomorrow night (CHALICE SWINGERS – May 2 2018)

Good evening, all-

What with the upcoming workshop, I’ve had zero time to send you markings on Bim Bom and Besame. Here are just a few; please get them into your music before Swingers rehearsal at 8 (or maybe a little before) tomorrow night.
Performance order: Bim-Bom, Besame, Guantanamera. Please bring your binder on Saturday. Dress- black-on-black; color accent if you like. Rehearsal is at 6 sharp on Saturday- please be a little early in case we can start early.

Please note all the staccato markings- in the nonsense-syllable sections (you are percussion instruments) everything is quite short;
In mm. 17-24, 31-44: more legato, and full value on notes; English-language passage over-pronounced, within legato phrases;
Dynamics- generally mf, as marked; end of m. 70, quick cresc. to f, stay f, then cresc. in last 2 bars.

Very legato throughout; forward, over-pronounced English and Spanish.
The triplets must not be rushed- they need to feel very sexy, flexible, and a little bit of portamento (sliding slightly between notes) can be effective, if not overdone- play with this!
Slight cresc. in 14-15, 38-39, 70-71.
Last page- please circle or highlight dynamics- they are critical to the ending. Please note that the last “besame” is mp. We’ll take plenty of time on the caesura (train tracks), and the fermatas.

If you get a chance before Saturday to memorize the words to Besame and Guantanamera,that would be great.

Thanks so much for your great musicianship and extra work. Going to be great fun!

So looking forward to everything this weekend- going to be exciting, and probably exhausting.