Chalice Singers: You Tube performance of the May 5 repertoire (Mar 9 2018)

Chalice Singers: You Tube performance of the May 5 repertoire (Mar 9 2018)

Good evening, Chalice Swingers-

Here are performances of the 3 tunes we’ll probably do at the April 22 May 5 Latin-Jazz concert. They all are pretty close to the feeling and tempos we’ll be taking.
– I’ll ask a couple of folks for soloing duty soon;
– On Besame Mucho, we may use a mix of Spanish and English, as in this performance; please learn the Spanish in any case. My usual suggestion to learn the Spanish first, in rhythm, then the notes.
– As usual, straight tone, forward placed, clear, vernacular English.
– Off-book would be great, and plenty of movement!
– Please get going on these right after this Sunday; I’d like to start our work on them asap; Laurie has done her usual brilliant work on the sound-files; I’ll have marking to you this coming week.
– I’d suggest focusing on your part first on the Choir site, then gradually mix in the other parts- you’ll be dissonant against a lot of what’s going on, as usual.
Obviously, Chalice Swingers get into the concert free; we do ask friends/relatives to pay at the door, or ahead of time.
Thanks lots- Enjoy!

Tom  Besame Mucho   Bim-Bom   The Shadow of Your Smile

Good evening, Chalice Singers (Swingers in this case)-

I just noticed I had sent a wrong date for the Latin/Jazz concert (too many balls in the air, as usual)- of course it’s May 5. The concert, BTW, starts at 7:30, and we’ll no doubt have a rehearsal before then- sometime around 5:30-6:30- time TBA. We’ll have a full rhythm section for backup.
Oh, BTW, the usual Swingers concert dress- black (with a little color accent if you like, or poils for the goils).