ChoirChores for this week (Apr 2 2018)

ChoirChores for this week (Apr 2 2018)

Good morning, Dear ChoirPersons-

The  usual Monday note. Thanks to those of you who came yesterday to help out with the singing- that’s always really helpful and much appreciated by the civilians (congregation) and your truly, ‘specially when then tunes are unfamiliar.

For this Thursday: Please go over Everything, including the Alleluia introit and the Manuel Alleluia, and then all the current Music Service repertoire, and firm up any challenging places (you know where they are!)- especially tricky rhythms, wordy passages, and all entrances.

And please do this: make a note of any places in any of the music where you’d like to be sure we work together, and send a note about those places by email to me before Thursday- this will help the rehearsal process a lot! Just title of piece and measure number (or page number) will be fine. Thanks lots!

    Be sure to get the off-book pieces memorized this week- thanks!

Singers/Swingers rehearsals Thursday at 8:30 and Sunday at 10:20ish.

Michael and I will be making up the order of repertoire for the Music Service, and will be sending that to you asap for rearranging your binders.

Hang in there!- you’re sounding really good these days.


Oh- hope to have more info about the Rideout Workshop and Union Service for you this week. Stay tuned.