Chores for Thursday etc. (Oct 23 2018)

Chores for Thursday etc. (Oct 23 2018)

Good afternoon, Dear ChoirOnes-

Finally, some lovely fall weather! Hope you’re out in it, even if it’s just raking leaves.
For Thursday, please review with care:
Remember (great one to use the sound files on, IMO)
Danny Boy (off-book would be lovely, if time permits)
Sweet Day (Chalice Singers)
Beauty is Before Me (also a good one for Choir site sound file learning)

Review the two big numbers: Jauchzet, frolocket and Fallt mit Danken- with the German (Choir site or the Internet pronunciation guides I sent)
Soprano 2’s- Please be SURE to have your ossia lower notes clearly marked in your music, now! Questions? Please ask me.
AND: please start learning the last big chorus: Ehre sei dir Gott. Just on “doo”, unless your German is fluent. p. 40 of your score. Enjoy the process!

We will not be singing:
the chorale Wir singen dir, nor the short chorus Herrscher des Himmels.

Oh- do come Sunday if you can, to help with the singing (Sanctuary and Blue Boat Home), to hear some weather-related jazz tunes, and a fine Green service, with Anthony and several of our ecological experts. Timely!

Blessings, and Thanks for what you bring to our mutual enterprise, musically and otherwise-