Chores (Sep 15 2018)

Chores (Sep 15 2018)

Guten Nachmittag, Lieber Chorsaenger-

For this coming Thursday, please be sure all your markings are in (not optional!) and please learn, using Website sound files and You Tube:

Sweet and Low (new version preferable)-
Caturog na, Nonoy– with soli part (Singers altos), in Philippino (say the text in rhythm before singing)
Amazing Grace– Singers sopranos on soli part
We Will Be a Shelter– I’d suggest yellow highlighting the voice designations (“SATB”) where they occur, for clarity

Bach: Chorales on pp. 15-17. (on “Doo”)
Chorus #36 (p. 31). Under tempo- no German (on “Doo”). 2nd sopranos- I’ll send you a few alternative notes.

Bach- The Learning Process: Some Suggestions.
As always, we’ll learn this in smallish, digestable bites.
– Using website, or parts CD’s (available by asking Chris Gallant) or piano, learn the lines on “Doo” or (for higher, faster numbers) “Dee”. At first, emphasize your part mainly;
– Under tempo at first
– As you become comfy with the music, gradually add (mix in) the other voices;
– When you feel ready, sing along with a YouTube recording as suggested, or chose one on your own. Prefer slower tempos!
– When you’re ready, learn the German (one movement at a time) from Inge’s German text recordings on the Website. We’ll be going over the German in rehearsals, of course. Translations are the last page, following the score.
– If your German is good, you could try saying the text along with the sound files or a You Tube recording, to learn the rhythm and the text-underlay, before you sing it in German.

Do come to services tomorrow, both to sing and to experience what will be a powerful and memorable service.
And come tonight if you can to the CoffeeHouse. Ronn McFarland’s wonderful group Ayreheart will be performing a wide variety of “folk” music, Renaissance lute music, jazz, new songs- remarkable repertoire! Do check them out on the web and You Tube.

Enjoy the Process!