Dao Forum – Interfaith Dialogue Series

Dao Forum – Interfaith Dialogue Series

Donor(s): Jing Wang

Join us for one, several, or all five events: informal gatherings of family and friends with various faith traditions to share thoughts, experiences, and food. Selections from Tao Te Ching and various sacred texts will be used. A delicious, vegan-friendly dinner will be served at each event. No alcoholic beverages. Venue: Jing’s home in Odenton.

Special bidding process: Auction attendees make no specific financial commitment; instead the first five persons to sign up for each event will attend. A freewill donation to benefit UUCC will be gratefully collected at each event. Attendees are asked to let their hearts guide them: one dollar is not too little and one hundred dollars is not too much.

Dates: See details below. All events run 4pm-7pm.

Basic Information:

  • Maximum buyers: 5
  • Auction Position: Silent auction

The Five Events:

Item #112 – Forum #1 Jan 1 2019
Item #113 – Forum #2 Mar 9
Item #114 – Forum #3 Jun 2
Item #115 – Forum #4 Sep 2
Item #116 – Forum #5 Nov 3

Additional details: see fact sheet at https://annex.uucolumbia.net/daoforum-facts