Hello, Chores and Reminders (Jan 29 2018)

Hello, Chores and Reminders (Jan 29 2018)

Good Afternoon, dear Choristers-

First, let me tell you how impressed Jesse Parker was with your singing, and attitude. I guess he doesn’t get to work as a clinician with a lot of proficient church choirs on your level, and he had glowing things to say about your responsiveness, musical intelligence, attention to detail, choral sound and musicianship. But of course. I must say I really enjoyed watching him at work with you- and being able to listen objectively to your sound, which was just lovely and expressive on the Elgar.

Welcome, Sharon Stewart, to the Chalice Choir (Sharon’s a soprano I with lots of choral experience), and welcome back, Lenore. Ross will be returning this week too!

And congrats to Carla, and all our women Choristers who were so effectively involved in last Sunday’s powerful services!


– Please get your Music Service music (including divider) back into your binders right away; we’ll start working on that repertoire this week- I think you’ll enjoy it- many classics of social justice. A couple of pieces have arrived since the binders were made up- we’ll get those to you asap.
– I’d love to have both The Storm and Always Look on the Bright Side (Chalice Singers) off book-  thanks! And please keep working on Hayes (rhythm and diction!), Elgar, Dennard and Hairston (likewise- clear, forward diction, in tempo).

Looking forward to learning a bunch of new (and familiar) repertoire.