last night and going forward (Jan 19 2018)

last night and going forward (Jan 19 2018)

Good morning, brave Choristers-

Some quick learning last night- as I said in sectionals, there are very few church choirs anywhere who read as well and learn as quickly as you do (nor choirs that have the amazing learning tools Laurie, Laura and Chris provide). A couple of quick comments and requests:

– Of the second sopranos and first altos, who would be willing to switch to soprano I (the  tune) for I Got a Robe? Please drop me a note today if you can. We need 3-4 more folks on the tune.

– Folks  on the tune, please get solid on mm. 63-64.

– As y’all work on this piece for Sunday, keep in mind that it’s all about the rhythm and the text- lots of forward-moving energy; everything attacked. No legato.

– If you weren’t there last night, we’re also doing this Sunday the second piece in the Introit section: “Come Into This Place”- please learn- thanks!

See y’all Saturday, 7 PM (come early) at Ross Martin’s show– wasn’t he terrific last night?
And Sunday at 8 sharp, bestoled and ready to sing.

Thanks, hard-working ChoirProles-