Logistics around the Music Service (Apr 9 2018)

Logistics around the Music Service (Apr 9 2018)

Hello again, Dear Choristers-

There are lots of little logistical details around this time of year. Here are some:

Chalice Concert (guitar recital- great player!) this Saturday, 7 PM. Do come!

Rehearsal 4/19: We’ll run the whole program, working as if and as needed on details. It’s possible we may be a little late ending, but I’ll try to avoid that.
Music Service Sunday, 4/22:
Concert Dress: white shirts, dark pants/skirts, stoles; color accents if you like;
In seats, bestoled, ready to sing at 8;
Two identical services;
Reception for Jeremy in room B after the second service; Note: we may need to help by providing some of the finger-food; stay tuned;
Choir Potluck Party at our house immediately follows the reception: families are invited; please something to eat and/or drink; 4093 Fragile Sail Way, Ellicott City 21042.  Note from Laurie – map: https://goo.gl/maps/RiXz7GbDhCm

Glen Thomas Rideout Workshop, May 5: please register soon if you can go. Did everyone receive the materials I sent out, including online registration form? Going to be a high-energy, fun day!
Latin Touch concert/dance/light dinner May 5, 7:30 PM. Do come if you can. Ask John or me about tickets- $30, all proceeds to UUCC.  NOTE FROM LAURIE — LINK TO SALES FORM HERE.
May 6: rehearse for the Union Service at 1:30; Service at 4, followed by reception.

May 13: Our last singing day this spring!

Makes the head spin- Hang in there!