Praise and Chores (Oct 8 2018)

Praise and Chores (Oct 8 2018)

Good evening, dear ChoirProles-

You were unusually wonderful yesterday– sure helps to have more of us back and singing! And I’m hoping for a few more this coming week. The increased sonority makes everyone more confident, and allows us to sing with both more power and more subtlety. Your ensemble feeling in both services was very good, and your expressive shaping of the both the Introit and the Anthem. Nice diction too. Impressive- thanks!
For this week, please:
get very comfy with We Will be a Shelter; off-book would be nice.
start your learning process on Danny Boy and Remember; I’d love to do at least one of them a cappella, which means being very solid on notes, asap.

– Bach: Please get solid on “Jauchzet, frohlocket” and “Fallt mit Danken.” At least on “doo”, and if possible with the German. Start with the latter section of “Jauchzet” (mm. 138 to the end) and of “Fallt” (mm. 97 to the end); then when these feel comfy, go through each, beginning to end.
Learning process stages; some ideas:
– pitches on “doo”, under tempo, then at performing tempo, using the sound-files; slow is good!
– German by itself, then spoken in rhythm with the sound files or YouTube performance (not Gardiner- too quick!);
– then sung in German with the sound-files;
– finally, in German, with a YouTube performance.
Resources: you have lots of learning help:
– the Choir Website sound files are fabulous; as are the YouTube performances (there are many more to choose from) once you are ready for them;
– singing along with a YouTube scrolling score is really helpful, once you know your notes;
– do use Inge’s fine German recording, and/or the German readings I just sent you (slow and clear);
– as always, if you want a CD of the sound-files, be sure to tell me or Laurie or Chris Gallant;
– our sectional rehearsals are helpful- but certainly not enough for you to learn a work this challenging, without your own individual work- huge thanks for all the extra hours and hard, dedicated work!

Looking forward to Thursday!