Preparing the music, and reminders; learning routine suggestions (Jan 13 2018)

Preparing the music, and reminders; learning routine suggestions (Jan 13 2018)

Good morning, ChoirProles-

Really fun and productive rehearsal last Thursday- thanks! Your preparing the music with all the learning tools is really paying off- please keep it up! And your reading is getting better and better too (but of course).

For next Thursday, please get solid on the upcoming anthems, up to Elijah Rock; we’ll work on them again this week. The rhythms of a couple of them are still not quite there: I Got a Robe and All My Trials especially. Here’s a suggested learning routine for those:

  • Separate the pitch from the rhythm elements: try “ta” (or “too”), while conducting, or just feeling the meter; no recording; no pitches or words;
  • Say the words (very rhythmic, clipped, forward and precise) in rhythm;
  • “Ta” the rhythm along with the sound-files on the Choir website
  • Say the words in rhythm along with the sound-files and/or You Tube recording;
  • Sing along with the sound-files, and finally with the You Tube recordings.

Note: when something is tricky, it’s important to isolate the elements, and work on one aspect at a time: rhythm, text, pitch. Let me know how this (standard) learning routine works for you, or if you have a learning process that works better for you.

We’ll also be learning the next Introit- “Come into this Place”– please have a look at that before Thursday- thanks!

Do come this Sunday to hear Anthony preach, and hear his marvelous musician friends, and to help sing- the congregation really appreciates that, as do I.

Please come to the upcoming concerts, and invite all your musical friends and family– it’s important for the Choir, at the heart of our Music Ministry, to support the great music-making that happens at UUCC!

  • Ross Martin Coffee House concert- 7 PM, Jan. 20: Ross is a very talented singer/songwriter, and his work is witty, entertaining and committed to social justice.
  • Pipe Dreams, Michael’s organ recital in The Chalice Concerts series- 7 PM, Feb. 10. This will be an exciting evening of virtuosic and expressive music.

    Thanks for all you bring to our enterprise, and our beloved UUCC!