Repertoire notes, and more (Nov 9 2018)

Repertoire notes, and more (Nov 9 2018)

Good Morning, long-suffering Choristers-

Very useful rehearsal last night– got a lot of learning done, especially on entrances (critically important in this style); and we all got clearer on what we need to work on individually and together. For a variety of reasons we won’t be working on the three big Bach numbers for the next two week; we’ll have three intense Bach rehearsals, Nov. 29, Dec. 6 and 13: sure hope y’all can be there! So please use this time to work on your own on these three great numbers– thanks!
On Nov. 15 we’ll learn all three chorales, including the German, so please have those learned by then; you can of course learn the German from Inge’s very good recordings on the Choir website, and we’ll also review it on Nov. 15, with Deborah (thanks so  much, you two).
At that rehearsal, we’ll also work on Chester (expect the new, improved version today by email), Bringing in the Sheaves (both versions; firm up the rhythm!), and may get a start on the Christmas Eve music (Carol of the Bells and The Work of Christmas), which you picked up last night. If your time permits, please work on all these pieces- thanks!
And we’ll have a Choir-Party (tenors providing)!

Since there have (typically) been some service and repertoire changes, and added music, here is the complete new repertoire list- in binder order, so please be sure you have it all, in this order in your binder:
Nov. 18: Chester; Bringing in the Sheaves (hymn, then anthem)
Dec. 2 (tenors, basses, some altos): The Church in the Wildwood; Linden Lea
Dec. 16: Music Service, two hymns (TBA) and the Bach Christmas Oratorio excerpts
Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve): Carol of the Bells; The Work of Christmas (Chalice Choir)
(and for the Chalice Singers: The Christmas Song and Psallite, which you picked up last night)

Lots to do! Big thanks for all your hard individual work- I am impressed and pleased!