Shelter and Sanctuary.pdf (Mar 9 2018)

Shelter and Sanctuary.pdf (Mar 9 2018)

Good afternoon, All-

For anyone who doesn’t have a copy of John’s fine new song, here it is.
If you have a copy already, from last night, please make those two slight changes:

m. 20- remove the dot (notes are just half-notes)
m. 42- add a dot to the value (it should be three beats, not 2)

Note from Laurie — here is the PDF file with the changes already made (click to download):

In general: Please work on the rhythm very carefully- notice where notes fall on the beats, and where they are off the beat (syncopated); you can use the Choir Website sound files for this, of course.
Please note the length of the last note of each phrase, so we’re releasing together.
We should be feeling 4-measure phrases, so minimal break between mm. 6-7, 14-15.
Thanks for learning this so fast- we’ll review and record (and videotape) next Thursday.

For this Sunday, please review:
As Torrents, with all the markings, especially the releases. Overpronounced, but within very legato (connected) phrases;
The Still Point, using the website materials if you want. No “R”! (“wuhld,” “tuhning”).

We’ll be seated by sections.
Don’t forget to set your clock Saturday night! “Spring Ahead!” Sorry about the start time Sunday- above and beyond!

Thanks for your commitment to UUCC and our Music Ministry!