Sunday and looking ahead (Feb 26 2018)

Sunday and looking ahead (Feb 26 2018)

Hello, Revered Choristers-

Lovely singing on Sunday! Moving, intense services, filled with expressive music of many kinds- and you were a central part of that experience. I was moved and impressed by your intensity, fine ensemble, watching, listening, choral polish- and in both services, which is not an easy thing. Michael and I are so proud of you. And I heard so many admiring comments, including from visiting choral folks.

As the Rideout workshop and Union Service (May 5-6) get closer, I’ll be able to give you more details, and I’ll be asking for an accurate head-count- sure hope most of us can be there- it will be a marvelous musical weekend.

To prepare for Thursday:

Sunday anthems: please review As Torrents, Shine on Me and and I’ve Been in the Storm and work on Alleluia; I’d love to have these as much as possible off book. Many of you were largely or entirely off book last Sunday, and that makes a huge difference in the quality of our singing, and our expressiveness.

Music Service: please review Jerusalem (off book, please), Wade in the Water and Walk Together, and begin your learning process on Beautiful City and The Sound of Hope.

No rest for the deserving!