thanks and chores (Oct 12 2018)

thanks and chores (Oct 12 2018)

Good afternoon, dear ChoirOnes-

Some lovely singing last night– the Bach in starting to sink into your voices:
– each note an individual event, within the shape of the phrase; no real legato; 16th-note passages articulated cleanly
athletic but light; one impulse per bar, and light at the end of  the bar;
very light weak syllables: “frroh-LOH-k’t” (never “keht”); “TA-g’h” or “TA-geh”.

Second Sopranos- I’m not sure that everyone has put the ossia notes into your music; I noted some confusion last night. Please ask me to resend my memo to you if you didn’t get it. I really don’t want any seconds to hurt themselves vocally- don’t sing those G’s and A’s!
And I’ll be sending some useful videos of “high” singing technique.

Your sound on those quiet anthems was very expressive and pleasing- and some excellent sight-reading from folks on the new tunes. Impressive!

And thanks SO much to Inge for her fine German recording on the Choir website, and Deborah for her excellent guidance last night! And I hope y’all found the German pronunciation recording I sent to be useful- I sure did. And please be aware of the translations at the end of the Bach score.
For next Thursday:
Bach: Firm up “Jauchzet” and “Fallt”, with the German; and learn the first three chorales (we won’t do the fourth), on “Doo.”
Anthems: review “We will be a shelter,” and learn “Danny Boy” and “Remember”.

Do come Sunday if you can, to hear Anthony preach on the Israel/Palestine situation (“Walls”). And to hear Anthony and Michael sing! – and to help with the hymns, as always.

Onward and Upward!