Thanks and question (Apr 9 2018)

Thanks and question (Apr 9 2018)

Good evening, Impressive Choristers-

Thanks so much for this morning. You always sing at least really well, and then sometimes you rise above even that level, to sing with intense expressiveness, excitement and musicianship. Your singing of the anthem this morning, especially in the second service, was one of those occasions. I could not have been more pleased, and heard lots of admiring comments from the congregation (and from Anthony). Great services, weren’t they?

Question: did everyone get the flyer and registration materials for the Rideout Workshop? If you didn’t , please let me know right away. If you did, and can come, please sign up soon, in case the workshop fills up, which is possible (he has a great reputation, and I expect lots of singers and directors will want to attend).

Thursday: I’ll send more detail tomorrow. Your main chore before Thursday is to work to firm up any problem places in any of the Music Service pieces, especially in The  Sound of Hope (needs lots of work), Beautiful City, and those Spirituals you feel least in complete control of. Do make use of the sound files, especially for The Sound of Hope. And the You Tube recordings, where you feel these are especially helpful. Short, intense rehearsal this week, followed by a party (basses providing)!

With gratitude for your commitment, and your ever-growing musicianship-