This Coming Thursday (Feb 19 2018)

This Coming Thursday (Feb 19 2018)

Good afternoon, Dear ChoirOnes-

Got a lot done last Thursday, and had some fun too- you sure are turning into a Choir that reads well (and fakes well, which is nearly as good), watches and listens- almost unheard of in ChoirLand. We are so lucky! I was fast asleep and unusually incoherent- hope you didn’t notice- but you hung in there- Thanks!

For this Thursday, please work on:

1. Anthems: Review All My Trials (especially the tricky-rhythm places) and Hush (offbook would be great on that); then As Torrents and Sicut Cervus (Singers)- love to sing both of these mixed- let’s try that soon; then Shine on Me

2. Music Service Repertoire: Review I’ve Been in the Storm, Stand upon the Rock, Wade in the Water, Walk Together and Jerusalem.

Chalice Singers: please review the above repertoire, then Si Somos Americanos (Spanish separated out initially from the notes, as suggested; first verse only); Walk a Mile (work toward Off-Book), and Give Almes of Thy Goods. I’ll want to get a running jump at the Latin Touch repertoire within the next 2-3 weeks too.

Bless You, hard-working and gifted Choristers!


P.S. I’m going this Thursday to do a non-binding nose-count for attendance at the May 5 Rideout workshop and the May 6 Union Service. Please do think seriously about getting to those- they’ll be loads of fun and a great learning experience too!
And do plan on coming to the Latin Touch Latin/Jazz concert on May 5 too! We’ll send out sign-up info soon.

NOTE FROM LAURIE:  Want to get a jump on signing up for Latin Touch Latin/Jazz concert?  Use this form to sign up.