This Week in Choir (Jan 1 2018)

This Week in Choir (Jan 1 2018)

Good Evening, dearly missed ChoirFolk-

Two weeks without Choir seems like a long time. Hope y’all have had (or are having) a fun and relaxing ChoirMiniVacation, and rarin’ to get goin’ again. We have a great variety of familiar and unfamiliar music to learn and relearn, including some great gospel and spiritual arrangements, some world music, and some other fine music out of the European/American choral tradition too. And a stirring Music Service devoted to the great traditions of Social Justice music, choral and otherwise.
Choir Schedule and Repertoire and Music Service Repertoire list attached, in case you didn’t get them before. Save those Sundays, please!

As you know, we get cranked up this Thursday, Jan. 4. Please aim to arrive between 6:30 and 6:45 to meet and greet (including some ChoirNewbies), and pick up and sign out your Choir binders and Chalice Singers packets of music.

Thursday drill: Please see a BinderProle- they’ll sign you out your own binder number (the one you had last fall); be sure to get the right binder! If you’re new or returning from a sabbatical, we’ll assign you a new number.

Chalice Singers– please sign out any numbered gathering of your music in addition; this includes a binder-divider and table of contents- please put this into your Choir Binder, after the Music Service section, for easy access- thanks!

Laurie has been working around the clock to get the sound files for all this spring’s music up on the fabulous Choir Website, as well as You Tube videos of most of what we’re singing; I have completed the markings for nearly all the Sunday anthems, and those will be posted on the Choir Site in a few days. You are the best supported choir in the known universe. Huge kudos to Laura, Marc and Laurie!

Laurie by now has I believe sent you her remarkably helpful UUCC Choir Resources chart– I would strongly urge y’all to put that up on your desktop- it gives you quick and easy access to the: sound files, You Tube recordings and markings copies; it’ll be your best friend all spring, and beyond. It’s on my desktop and I love it!

We’ll sing this Sunday, both services: When There is Light in the Soul (please review, using the markings copy online, and the sound files), an Introit and Detroit and a couple of hymns. Usual schedule: rehearse at 8 sharp, sing at 9 and 11. Garb: some solid-wintery-color top and dark pants/skirt; stole of course (not stolen).

Excited to get going again!

Fondly, and in Community-





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    Laurie Coltri

    I’ll remember to wear a stole, but not a stollen … that would be messy.

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