To work on (Chalice Singers) (Feb 12 2018)

To work on (Chalice Singers) (Feb 12 2018)

Good evening, extra-hard-working Singers/Swingers-

We’ll spend time on Sicut Cervus this Thursday, so please work on it: straight tone, slight cresc. through the longer notes, and the usual arch-shaping of the whole phrase; everything in this style is ebb-and-flow, with a very slight sense of urgency mid-phrase and a diminuendo into cadences. Anyone not get the transliteration of the text? Glad to re-send.
Please also start your learning process on your music for the Music Service:
Si Somos Americanos: practice as needed with the sound-files and You Tube recording, to feel the rhythm, “ta” or “ti”. Then learn the Spanish (Latin-American), in rhythm and tempo.
Walk a Mile: let’s work toward off-book.
Give Almes of thy Goods: same sound-ideal as the Palestrina; think line, shape, continuity.

I need to get you started on your music for The Latin Touch concert (May 5), soon. We’ll probably 2 or 3 tunes from among: Besame Mucho, Bim-Bom and The Shadow of Your Smile. We might even reprise Si Somos Americanos (which is, after all, a pop song/dance, a cachimbo). Do you have all these in your binders already? Besame Mucho arrived late.

Muchisimas gracias, queridos cantantes-

Sr. Tomasso