tomorrow night (May 2 2018)

tomorrow night (May 2 2018)

Good evening, All-

Abbreviated rehearsal again tomorrow night:

May Peace Dwell
Elijah Rock
Songs for the Animal Fair (even if you aren’t singing that day, please stay; this will be brief and fun; Jeremy will teach and lead)

Chalice Swingers (starting around 8):
Bim Bom
Besame Mucho
(time permitting) Always Look on the Bright Side

Short and sweet!
Hope to see a bunch of you at the Rideout choral workshop Saturday- come by 9 AM, or earlier. It’s going to be high-energy and great fun!
Hope also to see many of you at the Union Service Sunday- rehearsal at 1:30 sharp!

Another great year winding down- heartfelt thanks for all you brought to its music, and to our beloved community!