Tomorrow! (Sep 19 2018)

Tomorrow! (Sep 19 2018)

Good morning, long-suffering ChoirProles-

So looking forward to launching into Bach (another Lutheran with a good sense of humor- sort of).
Please be sure you’re comfy with your music on:
Sweet and Low (the Saccherine song, so to speak)
Caturog na, Nonoy (soli by the SIngers altos), in Philippino
We will be a shelter
Bach- Fallt mit Danken (p. 31 ff.); on “Doo” (no German yet)
The first two chorales (pp. 15-16)

We’ll do sectionals first; when we get together after sectionals: Singers, mixed, in center; Choir, mixed, around Singers; taller folk in back.

Chalice Singers: please nail On Children– as much off-book as possible.

Tomorrow the World!