Various – and Sunday (Feb 23 2018)

Various – and Sunday (Feb 23 2018)

Good Morning, Dear ChoirHumans-

Thanks for last night- got a lot done, and had some good laughs too. Small numbers, but a good, light sound. And thanks so much for the birthday goodies, Deborah- Delish!


  • please be in seats by 8 sharp, bestoled; we have some hymns to learn/review, and two anthems to polish.
  • Chalice Singers rehearsal between services– let’s say 10 minutes after first service ends. As time permits, please review Sicut Cervus, Si Somos Americanos (separate out text from music initially) and Give Almes of Thy Goods.
  • Choir, please clip Hush into your binders before All my Trials (that’s the order in the service). If you can get Hush off-book by Sunday that would be great- that always improves the intensity and conviction of your singing.
  • For those folks who couldn’t be there last night, we are making two cuts in Hush: skip p. 6; no repeat of last page (sing it as if the second time- softly).

    Thanks, O Hard-Working Choristers!