Donor(s): Carl Luty

Feeling flummoxed because a) a friend asks you to offer a toast at her wedding; b) a co-worker thinks you are the perfect person to write her a letter of recommendation; c) you’ve decided the time is right to pen a scorching letter to the editor?

Yeah, the prospect of writing can be unsettling.

But it need not be. Come to THE WRITE PLACE. Professional writer/editor with more than 35 years’ experience will offer guidance, assistance, support.

The bottom line: I’ll work with you until we get it right. Promise.


  • Item Number: 305
  • Venue: Local Starbucks
  • Service date(s): To be negotiated.
  • Maximum buyers: 3
  • Auction Position: Silent auction
  • Bid type: The donor suggests a minimum bid of: $25.00.