yesterday and beyond (Jan 22 2018)

yesterday and beyond (Jan 22 2018)

Good Afternoon, Dear Choristers-

Thanks lots for yesterday– you ended up singing with great energy and conviction, and with very good togetherness. Whew! And thanks too for your quiet attentiveness in the services- it adds so much to the dignity and worshipful quality of the service, and is very much appreciated by all, believe me.

So for this Thursday:

Please get really solid on all the anthems, up through Elijah Rock. If you feel ready (many of us are, I’m sure), please begin your learning process on the Manuel Alleluia– lovely piece!

We’ll get a good start on the Music Service music next week (Feb. 1), so please return all that music (in alpha order) to your binder after this Thursday- thanks!

Jesse Parker, director of Voices 21, will be our choral clinician this Thursday, from 7-8 (and maybe beyond). Please be on time! You’ll enjoy working with Jesse, and he with you.

– Do come to service on Jan. 28: lots of special music, featuring the Chalice Rebels (including some ChoirFolk), the Chalice Messengers, and Michael.

In Community-