Yesterday and going forward (Feb 5 2018)

Yesterday and going forward (Feb 5 2018)

Good morning, brave Choristers-

Thanks for coming out so bravely in the potential ice storm (which kindly waited until last last), and singing with so much focused energy- sure is good to have you off-book; improves the forward energy, diction, clarity and moving (yes, I saw folks moving!).

Because of some service-topic changes, kindly change your Choir Schedule page in the binder, and move these pieces around before Thursday:

March 25: Shine on Me (which is in the Music Service section), not Elijah Rock
May 6: Always Look on the Bright Side (Chalice Singers) and Elijah Rock (Chalice Choir). Thanks!

This coming Thursday, we’ll review and polish: All My Trials; Hush; As Torrents; Sicut Cervus (Singers); and Shine on Me (please learn that one before rehearsal- the markings are up on the website- please transfer those to your music- as well as the parts sound-files and You Tube performance).

And we’ll start work on I’ve Been in the Storm and (time permitting) Stand upon the Rock.

And a hearty welcome to Temmie Shade, soprano I.

See y’all Thursday-