Antique Bed with Hand-Carved Headboard

Antique Bed with Hand-Carved Headboard

Donor(s): Betty Jackson

Betty’s grandfather made this bed for her mother around 1912 and the headboard has lovely hand-carved wooden pieces. The mattress which has been encased in a plastic zipped bag for decades is not a standard size (58″ x 45″) but twin bed sheets fit it. If not used as a bed, the headboard and footboard could be used with a modern size twin bed. Or perhaps as art pieces!! . Scheduling details: Buyer must arrange pick up time.


  • Item Number: 203
  • Pickup/Delivery: to be negotiated. .
  • Maximum buyers: 1
  • Auction Position: Silent auction
  • Bid type: The donor suggests a minimum bid of: $100.00.

One Comment

    Betty Jackson

    The foot of the bed is also hand-carved and it will be in the silent auction room so you can see the workmanship up close.

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